Registered Establishments

Lists of registered Mississippi medical cannabis dispensaries, cultivators and other establishments can be found on the Business Search page.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to the most commonly asked questions, visit the FAQ page. Quick links to the Business and Licensing System FAQ categories are below:


Questions and Answers: Background Checks for Medical Cannabis Licensing
June 2022
Affidavit for Medical Cannabis Work Permits & Caregivers
Must be submitted with medical cannabis work permit and caregiver applications
Affidavit for Medical Cannabis Business Licensure
Must be submitted with a medical cannabis business application for facilities/businesses licensed by MSDH.
Distance Requirement Waiver for Medical Cannabis Establishments
Dispensary Item Abnormal Limit Report


Questions and Answers: Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program
Steps to Obtain a Work Permit
For Licensees: Getting Started with Metrc
Setting up accounts for the MMCP seed-to-sale system
Mississippi Metrc Bulletins
Medical Cannabis Portal User Guide
June 2022
Medical Practitioners and Patient Cannabis Certification: Questions and Answers
April 2022